The expertise we provide
to our partners


Our administration services

We are underpinned by in-house, tailored, end-to-end business solutions based on individual client needs. Here are a few of the services we can offer you as our client:

  • Inbound call centre  
  • Outbound sales 
  • New product development 
  • Training & Development
  • Research
  • Compliance / Regulatory Management
  • Replacement & Repair of devices
  • Data Management & Reporting

If you are a large retailer that offers affinity services, we are the ideal partner for you.

Our expertise

The Finrite team numbers 300-plus people. Although our focus is national, we also geared to service other Southern African countries.

Our sophisticated contact centre capabilities put us ahead of our competition. We are capable of handling over 100 000 calls a month and strive for first-call query resolution.