Although Finrite has merged, historically, with two leaders of the local insurance industry, we remain a proud family business to this day.

Here’s our story:

In the early 1990s, when technology products began to flood the market, Vossie Lotter saw a gap: insurance administration on those items. He established Finrite in 1993, selling products door-to-door, but soon began to build relationships with big retailers who were moving into affinity marketing.

Over the years the entire Lotter family has been closely involved with Finrite. Mr Lotter’s wife of 42 years, Linda, has offered continuous support in every Finrite venture and played an integral part in all of the company’s successes.

Karin, Vossie’s eldest daughter, spent school-day afternoons at Finrite. She answered phones, carried out admin tasks and in no time, Finrite was in her blood. So when Vossie retired, Karin (now Matthews) took over as MD.

Michelle Lotter travelled extensively after school – embracing the opportunity to explore adventure activities. She leveraged her spirit of entrepreneurship to begin her own venture but she has maintained close ties with Finrite.

Nadia Lotter has worked in several capacities within Finrite, offering her own valuable brand of expertise. She currently works in her husband’s business.

Christoffel Lotter has taken up the reigns at the Lotter family’s game farm, where he runs operations alongside Wimpie Matthews, Karin’s husband.

Finrite truly is a family entity. Despite acquisitions by Glenrand MIB and Aon SA, it has maintained its unique identity. In 2015, with a management buyout, Karin returned Finrite to an independently registered company.